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Tina Ekener, Eric Honegger und Barbara Buser waren zur Eröffnung des Salon Suisse nach Venedig eingeladen.

Unter anderem gab Barbara Buser ihr Statement zum Thema «Schweiz in 100 Jahren» ab.

Hier ist es:



When I started to develop a scenario for 100 years ahead, I decided to first think of what had happened 100 years back.

There are factors that changed a lot and will have to change a lot again, i.e.

Traffic: from horsepower - to jets, cars and trains - to rolls on our feet?

Energy: from firewood and coal - to burning the last resources of oil and gas - to the sole use of solar power?

Money: from gold and silver coins - to a virtual financial world - to real values?

Communication: from letters distributed by coaches - to telephones, fax, mails - to telepathy or chips in our heads?

But one factor remains unchanged: BUILDINGS

100 years ago the industry strived to produce for best quality and not for maximum profit, and so were the buildings built: flexible, adjustable, of high quality - they are still in use today and will be adapted to still unknown future uses and users the next hundreds of years to come! I do not want to create an image of the future because this defines an exclusive path and does not allow for a participatory approach - and therefore is not sustainable.

I hope for a development that

• Starts from the existing assets

• Is based on participation and self-determination

• Is using rolling, step-by-step planning and development techniques


This is the only way to achieve SUSTAINABILITY!!